ویبولتین vBulletin 5.1.3 Connect Alpha5 منتشر شد

طی اعلام سایت ویبولتین ورژن vBulletin 5.1.3 Connect Alpha5 توسط این سایت منتشر شده است ...

موضوع ویبولتین vBulletin 5.1.3 Connect Alpha5 منتشر شد,.

قوانین و اطلاعيه ها و اخبار انجمن ها, وی بی ایران, ویبولتین

تاريخ ارسال:2014/07/20

هاست سنتر طی اعلام سایت ویبولتین ورژن vBulletin 5.1.3 Connect Alpha5 توسط این سایت منتشر شده است از ویژگی های بارز این ورژن رفع 175 مشکل در این ورژن است و همچنین مشکل با PHP 5.5.X و PHP 5.6.X نیز رفع شده است متن اصلی این اطلاعیه : We're proud to announce the release of vBulletin 5.1.3 Alpha X. This is a maintenance release focused on resolving issues within the software. All together over 175 issues have been resolved in vBulletin 5.1.3 Connect. We've also fixed issues with PHP 5.5.X and PHP 5.6.X in this release. Pagination In addition to the pagination in the floating filter bar, many pages throughout the system have had page navigation added at the bottom of the page. This navigation is in line with the page number based navigation that customers have been asking for. The following locations have been affected: Forums Channel - Topics tabForums Channel - Latest activity tabForum Topic Page - Posts tabForum Topic Page - Latest activity tabBlogs Main - Member blogs tabBlog Channel - Topics tabGroups Main - Groups tabGroups Category PageGroup Channel - Topics tabGroup Topic PageArticles Main - Articles tabArticle Channel - Articles tabSearch Result Page - Topics viewSearch Result Page - "Compact" viewMessage Center - Inbox (this includes custom folders)Message Center - Sent ItemsMessage Center - TrashMessage Center - RequestsMessage Center - NotificationsMessage Center - Subscriptions - PostsMessage Center - ModerationMessage Center - Flag ReportsMessage Center - InfractionsMessage Center - Deleted ItemsProfile - SubscriptionsProfile - SubscribersMember list Site Builder: Delete Pages We've added a the interface to allow the deletion of custom pages. When editing a custom page, the Delete Page control will appear in the upper right corner of the Site Builder Tools. [b]AdminCP Style[b] The CSS applied to the AdminCP has been updated to improve readability and usability based on customer feedback. You can view screenshots here: Login Required - vBulletin JIRA Customer Feedback We're continuing to make a number of improvements to the look and feel of the software based on customer feedback. These are often small tweaks and fixes to the layout that may not be immediately apparent. One of the changes in this category is a link to the top of the page in the footer navigation bar. Other changes in vBulletin 5.1.3 Alpha include removing the border radius on the lower corners of the footer and adjustments to the post display including a line between the signature and post content. This version is available to all customers with an active vBulletin 5 Connect License. Note: Alpha releases should not be used on live websites. You should install within a test environment. See the full changelog here: Discuss this release here: هاست,دامین,سایت,وب,طراحی

ویبولتین, vBulletin, 513, Connect, Alpha5, منتشر, شد

ویبولتین vBulletin 5.1.3 Connect Alpha5 منتشر شد

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