دانلود پلاگین vBSSO – vBulletin Single Sign-On

باسلام در این تاپیک قصد دارم پلاگین vbsso رو برای تمامی پلتفرم هایی که vbsso پشتیبانی ...

موضوع دانلود پلاگین vBSSO – vBulletin Single Sign-On,.

دانلود هک ها ، مد ها ، پلاگین ها, وی بی ایران, ویبولتین

تاريخ ارسال:2014/08/04

هاست سنتر باسلام در این تاپیک قصد دارم پلاگین vbsso رو برای تمامی پلتفرم هایی که vbsso پشتیبانی میکند, را قرار بدهم **vBulletin ** support versionvBulletin 3.x/4.0/4.1/4.2 Changelog= 1.4.11 = Prepared the feature to handle broken user accounts between WordPress and vBulletin. Enhancements and bugs fixes. [Updated May 22, 2013] = 1.4.10 = Added usergroups support in vBSSO vBulletin. Other vBSSO extensions should implement vBSSO vBulletin usergroups API to support usergroups on a connected platform. Implemented an ability to login visitors by their email address. Improved support of vBulletin SSL mode. Improved vBSSO avatars lookup performance. Removed unsed ‘cssrollup_vbsso.xml’. Fixed login issue through vBulletin API. Tapatalk compatible. Fixed the issue when “Show vBulletin Profile” option is not being updated in case of connection two forums. Fixed the issue when the platform couldn’t be connected if “Allowed User Groups” is filled out to restrict login access. Other enhancements and bugs fixes. [Updated May 20, 2013] = 1.4.9 = Restored the visibility of the activation message showed before user proceeds with login after registration process. Improved “Logging & Notifications” section to get much quicker and flexible access to log files. Added a special section called “Warnings” to warn administrators about potential issues required to be solved. Added tips to “Access Settings” section. Improved the verification process in case if we establish forum to forum connection. “vBulletin Links” section was renamed to “Link Custom Pages”. Enhancements and bugfixes. [Updated February 01, 2013] = 1.4.8 = Made vBSSO “vBulletin 4.2.0 PL3″ compatibile. Added new supported profile fields “Birth”, “Phone”. Enhancments and bugfixes. [Updated November 26, 2012] = 1.4.7 = Extended the authentication and login vBSSO API. Added 4 new hooks (vBSSO Login Event, vBSSO Logout Event, vBSSO Authentication Event, vBSSO Register Event). Fixed creating user from admincp. Fixed Admin Panel menu items order. Enhancments and bugfixes. [Updated October 26, 2012] = 1.4.6 = Implemented support of SSL. Handled endless redirect once it finds non-compatible accounts. Fixed the conflict when “Save stylesheets to files” option is enabled in vBulletin 3.x. Enhancments and bugfixes. [Updated September 23, 2012] = 1.4.5 = Implemented support of avatars for connected vBulletin platform. Implemented support of user profile and author links for connected vBulletin platform. Adjusted login form for connected vBulletin platform. Implemented the feature to update the settings of all the connected platforms as soon as master plugin is upgraded. Enhancments and bugfixes. [Updated September 03, 2012] = 1.4.4 = Added vBulletin 3.x compatibility. Added support of vBulletin connection as slave platform. Fixed an issue on adding new user from admincp when it is not added to the connected platforms. Fixed “Class ‘LoggerReflectionUtils’ not found” issue. [Updated August 10, 2012] = 1.4.3 = Http status code 100 shouldn’t be tracked as error – fixed. Adjusted extensive debug logging of the response errors. Fixed an issue when sometimes avatars are not fetched and displayed in connected to vBulletin platforms. [Updated June 22, 2012] = 1.4.2 = Resolved installation error “Invalid SQL: INSERT INTO `vbsso_users`” thrown in cases when account duplicates exist. We check for the duplicates and throw the warning during the installation phase. Fixed Fatal error: Call to undefined function print_cp_header() error when vBulletin is configured to have custom named AdminCP folder. Implemented un-installation hook to disconnect all the connected to vBSSO platforms. Added a check to warn if vBulletin “User Registration Options -> Require Unique Email Addresses” is disabled and duplicated accounts are allowed. [Updated November 17, 2011] = 1.4.1 = Fixed Warning: call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘Logger::warning’ was given in /vbsso/includes/functions_logging.php. [Updated October 10, 2011] = 1.4 = Refined Notifications section, renamed it to Logging & Notifications, added the options to log vBSSO logic, keep logging files and send log messages to email. Improved installation process by cleaning up the database before the product is completely installed. Improved installation process by adding a check for the required PHP extension before the plugin is completely installed or upgraded. Fixed the issue that might be a cause of the empty page in admincp. Moved the settings to standard vBulletin Options. Moved Backup & Restore to standard vBulletin Backup & Restore facility. Added vBulletin 4.x version as a dependency for the plugin. Removed option to set Forum Path. [Updated September 28, 2011] = 1.3 = Added sending of the authentication event to the connected platform as soon as user is registered in vBulletin. Fixed issue with ‘:’ delimiter located between host and port in url in case of using non-standard port #80 Added support to redirect to lost password page via API. Added config.custom.default.php file as a config sample. Fixed “Warning: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated” error. Added error message in case if platform couldn’t be verified for some reason. Removed the extra steps to set up forumpath setting, it’s being setup automatically during plugin installation. Fixed css to display “SSO provided By” text correctly in different theme layouts. [Updated September 18, 2011] = 1.2 = First release [Created September 10, 2011] **WordPress** support versionWordPress 3.0/3.1/3.2/3.3/3.4/3.5/3.6/3.7/3.8/3.9 Changelog= 1.2.8 = Added support for WordPress 3.9 Implemented vBulletin Notifications in WordPress vBSSO Widget. Implemented “Ignore Membership” feature. Improved vBSSO vBulletin usergroups. Added WordPress Network. Fixed an issue when allow_url_fopen is disabled. Enhancements and bugs fixes. [Updated July 17, 2014] = 1.2.7 = Fixed “Call to undefined method stdClass::add_role()” issue. Prepared the feature to handle broken user accounts between WordPress and vBulletin. Enhancements and bugs fixes. [Updated May 21, 2013] = 1.2.6 = Improved vBSSO Login widget. Improved support of vBSSO WordPress SSL mode. Implemented vBSSO vBulletin usergroups API. [Updated May 20, 2013] = 1.2.5 = Fixed the issue with inability to log out. Enhancements and bugfixes. [Updated February 17, 2013] = 1.2.4 = Adjusted vBSSO Widget once WordPress is not connected to vBSSO. Enhancements and bugfixes. [Updated September 23, 2012] = 1.2.3 = Added customizable vBSSO “Login” widget. Added compatibility with WordPress 3.x. Added support of non-Latin characters in username (might be restricted by vBulletin username restriction rules). Enhancements and bugfixes. [Updated September 03, 2012] = 1.2.2 = Added support of vBulletin Profile Page connected to WordPress. Added support of vBulletin Author Page connected to WordPress. Added support of “Registration” url connected to vBulletin. [Updated August 10, 2012] = 1.2.1 = Fixed “Use of undefined constant IS_PROFILE_PAGE – assumed ‘IS_PROFILE_PAGE’”. Fixed an issue when sometimes avatars are not fetched from vBulletin and displayed. [Updated June 22, 2012] = 1.2 = Disabled E_DEPRECATED setting in error reporting (since PHP 5.3.0 only) to make PHP ignore “Deprecated: Function set_magic_quotes_runtime()” used in WordPress. Implemented fetching of blog avatars required for “Blogs Directory” ( plugin from vBulletin. The blog avatar is an user avatar fetched of user ... هاست,دامین,سایت,وب,طراحی

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دانلود پلاگین vBSSO – vBulletin Single Sign-On

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