The Pixel Farm Pfclean v2012.4.1 (Mac OSX)

The Pixel Farm Pfclean v2012.4.1 (Mac OSX) | 181 MB The Definitive Remastering Solution. When PFClean ...

موضوع The Pixel Farm Pfclean v2012.4.1 (Mac OSX),.

سافت 98, نرم افزار و کامپیوتر, نرم افزارهای کاربردی

تاريخ ارسال:2014/08/07

هاست سنتر The Pixel Farm Pfclean v2012.4.1 (Mac OSX) | 181 MB The Definitive Remastering Solution. When PFClean exploded on to the film restoration scene in 2004 it revolutionised a market dominated by technical products that offered little consideration for usability, productivity and deadline deliveries. Delivering many industry firsts such as the unique 'non destructive' metadata toolset, completely automated dustbusting and a complete conform/editing toolset, PFClean was quickly established as the remastering and digital restoration package of choice, becoming established as a pivotal component of workflows at a veritable who's who of restoration facilities around the world such as Deluxe, Technicolor, Ascent, UPP, Pixeon, Adlabs, The Criterion Collection, Cinerec, Arri Film TV services, Cinepost, Nordisk Film to name but a few. Available on all major platforms, PFClean is a fast, flexible and resolution independent automatic image clean up system designed for use with moving image data prior to the VFX and DI process as well as restoration of archived film and video. Built on The Pixel Farm's extensive research in the areas of image analysis technologies, PFClean features a comprehensive set of non-destructive, hardware accelerated tools to clean up and restore images. Features: * Allow multiple directories to be imported (support case 3575). * Support for Tangent's TUBE panel API. * Visualization of cut points in Cut Detection tool. * Cut Detection tool supports reading cut points from an EDL. * Frame markers information now displayed in Cinema and as a tooltip. REQ :MacOSX 10.7 or Later (64-bit processor). Download: کد: or or or or هاست,دامین,سایت,وب,طراحی

The, Pixel, Farm, Pfclean, v201241, Mac, OSX

The Pixel Farm Pfclean v2012.4.1 (Mac OSX)

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