پچ برای بهتر کردن کیفیت بازی فیفا 14


موضوع پچ برای بهتر کردن کیفیت بازی فیفا 14,.

پچ ، آپدیت و DLC بازی ها, سافت 98, نرم افزار و کامپیوتر

تاريخ ارسال:2014/09/03

هاست سنتر Size:1.19MB GET THE BEST GRASS GRAPHICS & LIGHTING EVER IN FIFA !DOWNLOAD THE LATEST VERSION TODAY! latest version: v 8.63 . Release Date:01 sep' 14. Building the human game! play the revolution! IMPORTANT!!! (iii) Before playing , please go to game settings and make MSAA Options as OFF, otherwise probability of game crashing will be more. Readme: the graphic patch is in .rar format. extract the archive to fifa 14 main folder. the patch also contains a folder called 'png'.it contains pitchmowpattern chequered large & small. import the png files through cm14 screenshots:- [yaya toure][v8.61] [bale][v8.58] [smalling][super-enhanced grass][v 8.56] [Rodríguez ,James][v 8.54] [reus][v 8.53] [etihad stadium][v 8.52] [david silva][v 8.52] [gerrard & terry][v 8.45] [gerrard penalty][v 8.43] v 8.41[Diego Costa] [xavi][v 8.38 Fusion] [lifelike drogba][v 8.35] [coutinho] [muller] [ars vs mci] Recommended Version:- v 8.63: --enhanced kits --added realistic mowpattern for chequered small v 8.61: --implemented 'a different lighting' reducing emphasis on enbseries. earlier versions:- v 8.59: --added platform.ini v2 v 8.58: --settings.lua v10 v 8.56: --super-enhanced grass graphics with settings.lua v8 v 8.55: --added settings.lua v7 v 8.54: --enhanced crowd graphics in settings.lua v6 v 8.53: --new chequered large mowpattern --new settings.lua v5 v 8.52: --updated settings.lua v4 v 8.51: --added new settings.lua v 8.50 v2: --alternative noisy real grass pattern for chq. large in png folder v 8.50: --increased video gamma --enhanced fx particles v 8.47: --more detailed kits and textures(based on everton v arsenal match telecast on tv).(23/08/2014) v 8.45: --modded lighting parameters based on chelsea v leicester city match on tv.(23/08/2014) v 8.43v2: --super-enhanced grass v 8.42: --edited enbpalette for more realistic lighting effect --added gameplay tweaks in rna.ini update v 8.41: v 8.40: --better pitch markings v 8.38: --new fusion parameters --new AI tweaks v 8.37: --enhanced 3D crowd render update v 8.36: --enhanced grass render v 8.35: --fixed player body --restored enbeffect --edited enbpalette(realistic grass colors) --edited fifa settings v 8.29: --modified crowd.lua & stadium.lua v 8.26(true vision)(graphics + gameplay): --introduced true vision --reduced enbseries codes v 8.23mv: --reduced enbseries colors --introduced mystical vision v 8.21: --updated cheq large pattern --enhanced graphics incl,kit,crowd based on fifa 15 gamescomm videos v 8.17: --introduced 'variable camera' parameter values. v 8.16: --edited player "model" --edited video "quality" v 8.13((real soccer graphics+gameplay edition) download here: v 8.12: --more realistic Goalkeeper AI --more realistic First Touch control v 8.11: --added 'high-res' kit v 8.09: --enhanced turf graphics && player skillmoves v 8.07: --increased graphical detail(texture,color) of crowd && grass update v 8.05: v 8.04: --super-enhanced kit graphics v 8.02: --darker lighting(more true-to-life) v 8.01: --'real tv' graphics & gameplay v 7.99: --reduce app crashes --natural grass colors && better grass render v 7.97: graphics_7.97.rar - Speedy Share - upload your files here --completely reworked(recoded ball physics) v 7.96 dlink: (features & screenshots in the last page). v 7.95: --enhanced video graphics. v 7.94: --'perfect' player body model v 7.93: --enhanced graphics --unlocked all NIS v 7.92: --added ALL CELEBRATIONS UNLOCK code to cl.ini(thanks to ultimatestar && wongtsar 07) v 7.91: --edited videocolor v 7,87: --updated pitchcolor from yellow to green v 7.85: --realistic lighting in all conditions --HD graphics v 7.84: --enhanced kit graphics --'shoulder trim' in body model v 7.80: --new gfx paricle render --enhanced 3d crowd& grass graphics --players will look more real --accurate precision dribble & enhanced ai v 7.77: --edited 3d grass texture --improved grass lighting v 7.75: --enhanced gameplay using 'ai tweaks' v 7.74: V 7.73: --super-enhanced fx particles. v 7.71: --improved crowd graphics. based on crowd graphics in real v 7.69: --modified player body(for those who want default body, stick with earlier version). --(based on MUN vs LIV BPL 13-14 Telecast on tv). v 7.68: --added 'core' PS4 gameplay (improvement based on actual PS4 gameplay footage). v 7.67: --improved grass render update v 7.66: v 7.65: --true-to-life graphics & gameplay. update v 7.64: v 7.63: --new 'camera movement', new player sensitivity v 7.62: --balanced night lighting (very close to real) --enhanced individual style for each player {improvements based on MUN vs SUN Capital One Telecast as seen on tv} v 7,60: : --imoroved grass color graphics & overall g v 7.57: --IMPROVED grass graphics(just made this watching hearts v mci(friendly on tv) . still more work to do! v 7.55: --"crisper && sharper" video --more "accurate" player graphics v 7.53*test: --"perfect" grass lighting. v 7.50: --improved kit, face and crowd graphics. v 7.47: --unlocked hidden emotions & player attributes* v 7.44: --improved graphics update v 7.43: v 7.42: ---improved grass render v 7.41: ... هاست,دامین,سایت,وب,طراحی

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حل مشکل نصب نشدن Photoshop CC 2017 (برای اولین بار )

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پچ, برای, بهتر, کردن, کیفیت, بازی, فیفا, 14

پچ برای بهتر کردن کیفیت بازی فیفا 14

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