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من این قالب رو که تازه تموم کردم رو برای موجوتم فرستادم و رجکت ...

موضوع چرا قالبم در mojo-theme اکسپت نشد ؟,.

برنامه نویس, برنامه نویسی, طراحی وب (Web Design)

تاريخ ارسال:2014/07/18

هاست سنتر من این قالب رو که تازه تموم کردم رو برای موجوتم فرستادم و رجکت شد . به نظرتون مشکلش کجاست ؟ دلیل موجو : We are sorry to inform you that your Item Upload has not been accepted. First off, thank you for your recent submission to our marketplace. We have very high standards and only accept the most premium themes and designs. There are a few things you will need to improve to be accepted to our marketplace. 1. The overall aesthetics need improvement. Things such as typography, design, colors, visual hierarchy, etc. 2. We would like to see better images for the preview, thumbnail, etc. and not just screenshots of the theme. 3. We would like to see a better description of the item. This will help the item sell. Feel free to resubmit when the appropriate changes have been made. Our review team will take another look at it. هاست,دامین,سایت,وب,طراحی

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